After The Civil War, Apart From The Battlefield, There Was Left Something Else! See What It Is!

In the years 1861-1865, as a result of the Civil War nearly 620,000 soldiers lost their lives. No wonder that in this period there were many stories about dead wandering soldiers or terrifying screams coming from the places of struggle.

Some of them have survived to this day. Apparently they are true. You will decide.

Gettysburg was one of the bloodiest battlefield of the Civil War. One day, the fighting soldiers saw a barefoot man wearing a uniform of the Texan police unit. He had tousled hair and a hat with a wide brim.  He said, “What you’re looking for, is there” and he pointed to the valley of Plum Run, and then he disappeared.


The House on Potomac Street in the historic town Harpers Ferry (West Virginia) is haunted by the boy, who during the war was a spy. He was exposed and killed in this building. Since that time, the house in haunted.


A strange apparitions was seen in the place of the major battles (Chickamauga Battlefield). It hides in the nearby forests and haunts local residents. It was called “Green Eyes”. It is not known exactly who is it, some claim that a dead soldier, who is looking for his head, others consider it a wild beast.