She found out she was unable to have kids. Then her sister made a strange proposal…

Fate is perverse and often, the thing we dream most about is unattainable, but luckily we have our family.

Many women have a mother’s instinct, so they know from the beginning that they want to have a family, kids, and a house of joy. For others, this instinct awakens over time. Despite the fear and sacrifice, they realize that children are important and they create a sense of purpose in the lives of women and are the foundation of the home.


Unfortunately, it often turns out that the women who want children, can’t have them. Despite the preparation and taking care of their health, there are obstacles and problems that arise that are insurmountable. Fortunately, science and medical developments provide a salvation for women who want their own children, but who cannot get pregnant.One of these methods is InVitro, which many women decide to use. More and more often we hear about finding a surrogate, who will carry the pregnancy to term instead of the mother. This solution proved to be beneficial for Aimee Morrisby. On the next page, you’ll find out what exactly happened after a phone call from her sister.