Albert Einstein’s brilliant way to solve problems! This method will make your troubles a thing of the past!

The life of every adult human being is filled with obstacles that shape his/her will and analytical thinking. Each dilemma and the way it will be solved, teaches us something. Therefore, before attempting to solve a problem it’s worth thinking it through. In the words of Einstein: “If I have 60 minutes to solve the problem. I spend 55 minutes on thinking about the problem, and 5 solving it.”

That’s how the great scholar dealt with his problems. He invented a system to cope with problems, which gives us a hint as to how to crunch a problem down so that it’s easy to swallow!


Redefine the problem

Proper identification of the problem is the most important when you are dealing with a difficult issue, think whether or not you’re seeing it clearly.


Look at the problem from a bird’s eye view

Every new challenge is part of a larger one. Just like you can approach the problem from different angles, you can also see it at different levels. You can get stuck in the details. Therefore, sometimes you have to broaden your perspective and see the other aspects.


The study of the problem from the inside

Big problems can be decomposed into several small ones and solved in parts, making the issue not as troubling as it seems.


Think about the consequences

This also gives great possibilities. If you think about the problem first, then different solutions along with their consequences, you’ll know what to do.

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