Alison was supposed to take care of a dog only temporarily, while it was waiting for adoption, but when she saw the pet, she immediately knew that she wanted to keep him

Sometimes it takes just a moment to know that we will make friends with someone.

You don’t have to look for a friend, because the people who are about to become your friends always come unexpectedly, and they often change existing plans or arrangements. That’s why you have to keep your eyes wide open, so you don’t miss out on meeting someone who will become your life companion and listen to your secrets.


The principle of randomness in meeting friends also applies to quadrupeds. Very often someone does not plan to have a dog, but they meet a pet that has this special something they recognize, and then the decision on taking it home becomes obvious.

Alison O’Connor was in such a situation, when she was taking care of animals waiting for her new home at the request of an organization that helps animals. When Pez came to her, this woman felt that this dog is destined to stay with her, although it had a very unusual appearance.

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