Although it looks like a plant for waste water, in fact, it’s a plant for making hot dogs! Do you have the courage to see how they are made?

Frankfurters are often hosted on our tables. It’s a quick snack, which is suitable for both breakfast and dinner. You can easily reheat it and after a few moments, we are ready to serve the appetizer. The product is treated as a ham, but it really has little to do with it.

It has meat separated mechanically called MOM, which consists of the cheapest raw materials, including bodies, skin and bone fragments.The “sausages” are also stuffed with various enhancers which improve the taste and color. Especially dangerous are phosphates (E450-E452) that cause the swelling of protein (thanks to that you can add more water to hot dogs). These components make it difficult for the body to absorb calcium, which is very important for children.


Apparently not all hot dogs are made equally and if you actually want to buy them, you must first know its ingredients. The good ones contain a minimum of 70% meat and lacks the flavorings and MOM.

See how they make “delicious” sausages. This is one of the least disgusting videos. If you want to see more shocking recordings, you will find them on the next page.