Amazing combinations of dog breeds that give truly remarkable results

People often choose purebred dogs, claiming that they are certain of what they will grow to be, and what types of behaviors can dominate. People, who are fond of nice small dogs, choose calm and lazy breeds. Active individuals often choose dogs with which they can spend time walking around and cycling with.

However, it is known that when a person owns something, they usually think what he or she can further do with it. This is how mixtures of different breeds started to appear. They are selected and assessed with a fine-tooth comb… as if people have forgotten that these dogs had previously been called mutts ;).

1. The combination of an Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian.

A little hairy blob 🙂


2. A Corgi and Beagle make a charming combination!

Pure sweetness!


3. Pomeranian and Husky.

Their combination will most definitely be a hairy troublemaker.


4. The combination of a Chihuahua and Pug yields interesting results.


5. Golden Retriever and Husky.

The combination of the two active breeds will create a tireless companion to travel through the world with.