He Found, Rescued And Brought Up This Tiny Little Creature. See What Happen Next!

Imagine that you are working in a garden and suddenly a tiny little squirrel falls on you. What are you doing? Have you ever thought about it?

This story really happened to some man. His new friend was named Zip and became his inseparable partner of everyday life. See how the animal was changing and growing. Find out what happened next. This picture story is a real treat for animal enthusiasts!

1. Zip on the day when he was found.


2. After 1 week…


3. After 2 weeks…



  1. julie greaves
  2. Birdie
  3. Wanda Firmingham
    • Isabel Mennie
  4. Mike Penn
  5. Kathy
  6. Dot Wood
  7. krista
  8. Bevan
  9. Geraldine Cassidy