Amazing Story! These Two Turned Up To Each Other After 60 Years!

This amazing story really took place.Boris and Anna got married. Unfortunately, three days after their wedding, Boris was took to the Red Army. Before his leave, the couple declared infinite love.

Unfortunately, the woman couldn’t wait for Her husband. She was sent with her family to Siberia. The times were very hard, the communication was limited to minimum, that was why she couldn’t inform her lover about this fact.

Years were passing, the woman was still missing. Her mother decided to help her forget so she destroyed all souvenirs that reminded the man. It didn’t help. The woman tried to commit a suicide…

At the same time, Boris was looking for Anna, but in vain. After years of sorrow and searching, both of them decided to start their life anew. Anna got married, Boris too. The years passed and their spouses died.


After the end of the Soviet Union, Anna decided to go back to her family town. – Borovlyank. One day, when she was walking through the town, she noticed an old man in the distance who was paying tribute to his died parents. She recognized him – it was Boris. The man’s heart started to beat faster. The couple couldn’t hold tears. Boris told Anna that he was with other women but Anna was the love of his life. He proposed to her again. He didn’t want to lose her once more.

He expressed his joy in this way: „Since the day we found each other, we haven’t argued even once. We were separated so long that there is no time for quarrels. We are old. We must be happy that we can be together again”.

This story proves that the true love never passes. The story of this unusual love is touching, so share this post with your friends so they could believe in true feeling.

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