An 11-year-old boy was playing at the beach. When he began to dig deeper, he saw someone’s head sticking out

The 11-year-old Connor Fitzgerald spent his time at the beach in Marina Dunes in California. Together with other children, he dug tunnels in the sand. At one point, he noticed something frightening. His eyes spotted a human head.

It turned out later that a 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic has been buried alive in the sand. The girl was playing on the shore and, not unlike Connor, digging corridors. Suddenly, one of themcollapsed and covered all of her body.


The 11-year-old immediately got to work, digging up the child. Alyssa was unconscious and had large amounts of sand in her mouth, nose and eyes. The boy still had hope that she was still alive and began to resuscitate her. He later admitted that he had learned CPR from the TV series NCIS.


He didn’t wait for help from adults, but instead rushed in there to help. If he had not decided that way, the girl could have suffocated.

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