An 8-year-old witnessed his peer running out of money for lunch. He decided to solve the problem of hungry children in his school

Helping another one in need is the best thing that a man can do for another. It is important that this help is sincere and flows straight from the heart, because then you have the power to make others do good too!

Cayden Taipalus is 8 years old and attends a Primary School in Howell (Michigan). One day, while standing in line at the cafeteria, he witnessed an unpleasant situation: a boy could not buy lunch because his subscription card was missing 40 cents to cover the bills. Unfortunately, he walked away from the window hungry which really shocked Cayden.


The 8-year-old talked about the whole situation to his mother upon returning home and asked her how he can help children who are unable to buy a sufficient amount of food. Fortunately, ways to do good do exist, and the boy, supported by his parents, came up with a relief effort called “Pay it Forward: No Kid Goes Hungry”.

The boy was very sad when he found out that his friend could not pay for his food.

In the framework of the action, he and his mother collect cans and bottles and their help in household chores (eg. mowing the lawn and cleaning). This is how they earn the money for their good cause. They invite everyone with a good heart to donate time and money, and of those who can’t, they are asking for a monetary donation. They also collect funds through the internet.

Canteens are very popular in American schools and most students use them.

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