An abandoned and disabled puppy got an unusual gift from fate: not only did it get a loving home, but an interesting job too!

Not all stories of abandoned animals, especially those with disabilities, have a happy ending. Dogs that are different from the standard of dog beauty often have problems with finding a home and a loving family. Fortunately, in the case of a puppy named Koper, it was different.

Rescuers from services that deal with animals help dogs in difficult situations every day. After one of the interventions, the Fetch Rescue Wisconsin in Madison (USA) had taken in a litter of a few cute puppies. The dogs didn’t stand out from the other rescued animals, they were full of energy and were very curious. Unfortunately, one of the puppies was diagnosed with an abnormal development of its front paws, which have had permanent deformation.

People often abandon puppies, especially if they have health problems.


A disabled dog has a much smaller chance of adoption than other healthy quadrupeds. Most people want to have a perfect dog that won’t require treatment or intensive care, so the resort staff was very concerned when they found out that Koper had serious health problems. However, they didn’t lose hope that they’d find someone who’d love a disabled puppy. Their wishes came true when the phone rang with a call from Florida.

The puppy’s left paw turned out to be permanently slightly angled.


The shelter in Madison was called by Jess Street. The woman lives in Florida and runs a social organization, “The Kindness Tribe”, which, as she says, works to change the world for the better, because it promotes reading and supports education. The woman was looking for a therapeutic dog, which could join the team and help out at “The Kindness Tribe”.

There was hope that in the world there is someone, who would take care of this lovely dog.