An aggressive teacher wanted to hit this little girl, then she did something unbelievable! I was totally surprised by her reaction!

Violence and humiliation of students are very common. Aggression can take many forms. Usually it starts with ridicule and derogatory insults and ends with beatings and intimidation.

Sometimes teachers abuse children, but sometimes the situation is reversed and teacher is the victim of violent behaviour. The effects are sometimes tragic. The victims can’t cope with persecution. They often become depressed, closed, and even have suicidal thoughts…



This video was shot in a Russian school. During an English lesson, a pupil was called to the board to read the forms of the verb “to be”. The girl was so frightened by the aggressive teacher that she was unable to say a word. With every second teacher became more agitated, until finally he decided to hit the student. See how she react. I totally surprised me!: D He deserved that!


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