An amazing villa hidden in the hills. Would you like to live there?

Humans are able to adapt to all conditions, however, they instinctively look for convenience and comfort, especially when organizing a place to live. Hundreds of years ago they built dugouts, because there was no other way to protect themselves from the rain and cold, today an underground house is a whim, which wealthy individuals can afford.

In the village of Vals, near the Swiss Alps, a house was built, which is almost entirely underground. Only one wall that leads to the spacious apartments is visible, dug into the hillside. The designing of the house was undertaken by the Swiss Christian Müller, who wanted to show that a home-bunker (house-fortress), can be beautiful and comfortable.

Building a home underground is a bold, but very original idea.


The house, at first glance, is almost invisible because of a terry wall, which you can only see from front or from an aerial perspective.

The place attracts many tourists with its charms.


Through only one wall was a terrace-courtyard made, which allows you to comfortably rest in the shadow of the mountains or take a bath in the tub. Also, it allows you to effectively store wood for fuel. The two-story home interior hides a spacious living room, kitchen, bathroom and four bedrooms.

The terrace offers a beautiful view of the mountains.