An American farmer was calmly digging in the ground of his field, when suddenly he came across… the remains of a mammoth!

Traces of prehistoric times are scattered all over the globe. Most commonly they’re found deep underground and hide secrets about life from thousands of years ago. From time to time, someone gets lucky and finds such an artifact of the past.

James Bristle from the small Lima Township in Michigan was working on his farm as he usually does. This time he had to carry out some field drainage. The man started working and began to dig, but his efforts were interrupted when he came across something hard in the ground.


James was digging a ditch when he felt his shovel hit something hard. At first, he thought it was a stone or old farm tool. But he quickly realized that the object in the ground is quite large and he certainly wouldn’t be able to pull it out on his own. As soon as he was sure that it’s part of the skeleton of some type of creature, he informed experts from the state university about the discovery.

The farmer, surprised by what he had unearthed, called the experts in.

Paleontologists arrived and confirmed that the bones are indeed those of an animal that lived 15,000 years ago. Slowly and carefully, they began to remove the find to perform further inspection on it. In the end, a few ribs, skull and huge tusks were dug up and the scientists concluded that they belonged to a rare hybrid between a woolly mammoth and Columbian mammoth.

To raise the large tusks, an excavator was needed.