An Australian fisherman came across a strange object floating above water. The truth about it turned out to be surprisingly simple

The seas and oceans are a fascinating environment with a lot of surprising and enthralling creatures. Some of them are still unknown to us because the exploration and description of the ocean depths is a difficult and arduous task. Each peculiar object in the water is of particular interest.

Mark Watkins is an Australian fisherman out in the sea for two decades. During many years of his work, he has seen a lot, so he was shocked when, during one of his cruises by the West coast, he saw an object resembling a balloon covered with pores floating above the water. Intrigued, he swam closer …


The bulging bump on the water was pink and interspersped with lighter stripes. The object was sizable, possibly more than 10 meters in length. Mark slowly approached it, but with every meter he sailed, one thing changed: the odor. When he got close, the air was filled with a terrible stench which proved key to solving the mystery of what that object was.

What he found is rare, but not extraordinary.

The bizzare object sighted by Mark proved to be the body of a dead whale. It was probably the humpback whale or the Southern Right Whale, since both species occur off the coast of Australia. The fisherman, despite his considerable experience, met with the remains of a marine mammal for the first time.

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