An easy trick of a creative mother revolutionized the way children were being taken care of in hospitals. Why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?

In 2001 an American, Yamile Jackson, was impatiently waiting for the birth of her first child. At first everything went according to plan but in the sixth month the doctors diagnosed a dangerous state for her and her baby – pre-eclampsia.

In order to avoid the danger, specialists decided to stop the pregnancy. 12 weeks before his due time, little Zachary was born. He was very weak and weighed just 1000 grams. The first 155 days of his life were on an ICU for premature babies.


His mother wouldn’t leave him for a single moment but had to leave the hospital at night time. She would suffer a lot from the moment she would leave her child. She wanted to be with her son during day and night to give him safety but could not be with Zachary all the time.

Yamile Jackson1

When she was at home one day, she came up with an interesting idea. She realized a dish washing glove and developed a plan in her head. She cleaned the glove, put flaxseed in it and took it to the hospital the next day. She made sure the glove would catch the smell. When the evening came and she had to leave the ICU, she left the “soft toy” by her son.

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Yamile Jackson1