An exceptionally attractive woman touched married men at the mall. It’s hard not to smile looking at how some men reacted

How would you react if a sexy woman or a hot guy touched you in a public place? Would you be pleased or step away? A group of people in a shopping mall were the victims of pranksters who decided to carry out quite a funny experiment.

They wanted to test people’s reactions to being touched by strangers. First they tested men. They sent a gorgeous girl who tried to pick them up on an escalator. She chose men with wedding bands or in the company of their partners and flirtatiously touched their hands. Then the roles were reversed and women were seduced by a handsome young man.


So that no one speaks about discrimination, homosexual relationships were also taken into consideration. In the video, you can see the undercover woman making contact with other ladies, and vice versa, a man making contact with other men. The experiment ends in a situation where the undercover man touches the hand of another man and signals him to follow. Without thinking, he got onto the escalator with him.


My favorite part is the reaction of a guy who just smiled and pointed to the ring on his finger. When a beautiful woman tried to flirt with him, he clearly made her understand that he isn’t interested. His wife can be proud of his loyalty.