An extraordinary 12-year-old boy sews teddy bears and gives them to kids in hospital

Typical 12-year-olds like spending time playing games, having fun with friends and, generally, not worrying about the problems of the world.

It’s not surprising – children shouldn’t deal with serious issues. Chasing the ball or achieving another level in a computer game are the most common everyday big problems of teenagers. Campbell, however, is a very untypical 12-year-old. He spends all his free time sewing teddy-bears which he gives away to kids in hospitals.


It all started 3 years ago when Campbell wanted to buy presents for the kids but he didn’t have money. Then 9-year-old asked his mother for support but she said no. She wanted to help the kids very much but she had 9 children herself and she couldn’t afford such an expense. Campbell didn’t give up and said that if it was impossible to buy toys, he would make them himself. He found patterns on the internet and started to try to sew. As he admits, he didn’t do very well at the beginning. He was making the first teddy bear for a long time and it turned out to be a not very pretty one. But he didn’t stop. Now, he spends every moment of his free time sewing.

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