An organization rescued a dog, when others had sentenced it to die

Animals, just like humans, can suffer all kinds of illnesses. They can just as well be influenced by obesity or joint pains. Cancer cells attack dogs just as effectively as the do to humans. If an animal is lucky and has a good owner, it will be helped and treated and if needed put to sleep in a peaceful and dignified manner.

Homeless animals don’t get that chance, and those who suffer illnesses must handle them on their own. Althea, a small dog from San Jose in California was in this situation. She would walk the streets suffering from an enormous tumor.


The organization „Taile of a Shelter” takes care of animals, which have been sentenced to die by vets. When Althea was helped by the foundation, she was thin and exhausted. But that wasn’t the worst part. The poor dog suffered an enormous tumor around her eye.