An orphaned monkey tries to find a new family. And, impossible as it may sound, they take care of the animal

If you think that only people can help other species, this article will definitely surprise you.

The animal world has its own, tough rules. Only the smartest and the strongest survive. No one cares about weak and young animals which fail to cope with difficult conditions. But against the general belief, animals have feelings too and they look after their young even if it is difficult with all the predators and other dangers around.


Orphaned young animals have little chance of surviving. There is hope if their group wants to look after them. But once left alone, they are doomed. Monkeys have a very strong herd instinct and they look after their own young as well as other animals. Prosimians that live near people in cities very often “adopt” homeless puppies.

In Chinese province Jiangxi, a cheeky little monkey which lost its own group managed to find another one. One day, Zhong Shu, a farmer, saw a monkey that had stayed near his goats for a couple of days. Every time he wanted to get closer to the animal, it escaped. Then, he noticed that the monkey enjoys travelling on the back of one of the goats.

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