An orphaned raccoon was adopted by a family with dogs. Now it also thinks it’s a dog

Last year in the Bahamas, in the town of Nassau, Rosie Kemp found a small raccoon that fell from a tree. She couldn’t find it’s mother anywhere, so she decided to take it with her. Her small daughter, Laura was delighted that they’ve got a new friend and named it “Pumpkin”.

Finally, Pumpkin moved in with them and befriended their dogs. Rosie said: “She immediately connected with us and our two rescue dogs. She follows me and sometimes the dogs.” And her daughter added: “She now thinks that she’s a dog… she can play with them, but sometimes she has to rest.”

Rosie Kemp found the small raccoon with a broken leg in her yard.


It was abandoned by her mother, which is why the family has decided to take her in under their roof.  


“She has connected with us and with our two rescue dogs.”


“She follows me and my dogs.”