An unusual confrontation: rat vs. snake. Such an uneven battle could only be undertaken by a mother, in defense of her young

The animal world is cruel and doesn’t come with compromises, because whoever is stronger will always win. Predators need to hunt to survive, and the best victims are the inexperienced young, which still aren’t able to recognize the dangers around them and can’t defend themselves.

Among many animal species, the offspring’s survival depends on the mother’s care. Therefore, nature has equipped females with a strong maternal instinct, so that they’re ready to defend their children anytime and anywhere, regardless of the advantage their enemy has. Such a heroic struggle of a mother trying to save her child’s life was caught on tape by a driver on the side of the road near Naples. The clash played out between a rat and a snake.


When the rat was moving along the roadside with her children, an adult snake stopped directly in front of them. The reptile caught one of the young rats and tried to run away with it into the nearby bushes. That was when the female lunged at him and fiercely bit the snake’s tail until it let go of her baby. The attacker fled, and the mother followed him in a short pursuit, to make sure that he wouldn’t come back.

A rat attacking a snake is not something you see every day.

This fight, which lasted less than a minute, showed how maternal instinct can determine the behavior of females. The rat defended her child without hesitation, fighting with a snake that feeds on animals like her on a daily basis. Fortunately, her sacrifice wasn’t for nothing and she managed to defend her young.

No one will win with maternal anger.