An unusual rescue operation in a lake saved a young deer that was fighting with the current

Going for a boat trip on a hot day on the lake is the perfect way to relax. Lazily drifting on the water, you have to keep your eyes open, because you never know when something unexpected that requires our intervention could happen.

Two friends went boating in a small boat on Lake Buchanan, located in Texas. This trip wasn’t supposed to be different from any other, but when they were far from shore they saw something moving in the water, struggling and fighting to remain above the surface.


When the men swam closer, it turned out that what they saw was a sinking little fawn. The animal most likely entered deeper waters with his mother or simply wanted to cool off, but the strong revolving currents pulled the young animal far out into the center of the water basin. Whatever the cause of the situation was, he had to be helped immediately.

Even the quietest afternoon may have a surprising finale.

One of the men, jumped into the water without hesitation, swam to the drowning deer and pulled it back to the boat. The animal spent the whole trip back to shore in the arms of his rescuer, and didn’t even think of letting go, which shows how grateful he was that the man had saved his life.

Saving the lives of others, both people and animals, should be our natural instinct.