Ana has Down syndrome and has always dreamed of dancing, but no school would admit her. Now they regret that they hadn’t given her a chance!

Childhood is a time of joy, exploring the world and getting to know the passions inside you. This should also be the case for sick or disabled children who also want to fulfill their dreams. Unfortunately, adults often make it difficult for them, showing how heartless and undeveloped they are in their thinking.

Ana Malaniuk from Canada is six years old and was born with Down syndrome. Despite the limitations that affect her, she’s a cheerful and spontaneous child who fell in love with music and dancing. Because of this, her mother Sonia wanted to enroll her in a dance school, so that she could develop her interests. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy…


When Sonia found out that dancing is her daughter’s greatest passion, she visited a school to sign Ana up for classes. To her surprise, the instructor refused to add the girl to the group, saying that a child with Down syndrome does not meet the requirements of the school and doesn’t fit into their environment. For Sonia, this was a real blow and a great humiliation, but she wasn’t going to give up, because Ana’s happiness is the most important thing for her and that’s why she continued looking for other places.

Resolute and charming Ana’s dream is dancing.

Fortunately, not all the schools had proven to be so intolerant, because one of the dance schools admitted the disabled girl with open arms. Director Amanda DeSousa doesn’t pay attention to the limitations of the children, but to their passion, commitment and desire to dance, and Ana loves moving to the sound of music, through which she has captivated her new teachers.

Dancing is for everyone, not only for the healthy and able-bodied people.