Animals are not objects! This video, which is produced by the famous Rémi Gaillard, clearly proves this, and forces us to reflect on the problem

The decision to bring an animal home is one that will last a lifetime. You cannot back out from it e.g. because the dog is too old or caring for him has become too burdensome or costly. After all, an animal is tied to its owner, and abandoning it is a real blow for the animal.

The most humane form of getting rid of a dog or cat is dropping the pet off at a shelter. People who do so muffle their conscience with excuses, that they hadn’t left their pet on the street or alone left to its own fate, but brought him to a care facility with staff who will take care of his safety. Unfortunately, that’s not a valid argument, because the animal is suffering a lot because of the loss of his owner, whom he loves a lot. To make people aware of this problem, known humorist Rémi Gaillard filmed an extraordinary video in which the roles are reversed…


How can you effectively make people aware of how much evil they’re doing to the animals when they abandon them? Try to show them how it would feel to be in their skin, or should we say coat. Therefore, an exchange was organized: animals became shelter workers, and shelter employees became the animals. A certain woman who wanted to give away her dog was hit with that reality. She quickly realized that something was wrong…

Changing roles? That’s not such a bad idea.

The dog’s owner, seeing that the office was full of people dressed as animals, went outside, where to her surprise the number increased even more, because instead of dogs in cages, naked people were sitting in them! In addition, when she returned to the building, she saw a man being operated on by the four-legged creatures. What she saw must have strongly shocked her, because she left the shelter with her dog, taking him back home. The shock therapy proved successful.

This video reminds everyone that animals are someone, not something.