Animals before and after a bath. They won’t forgive their owners for this!

Every day, many animals from around the world are experiencing something terrible from the hands of the person they’ve learned to trust: their owners are deceivingly or openly forcing these poor creatures into the bathroom, surprising them with a bath! These trusting souls must go through being soaked in nice and warm water, massaged with shampoo and then rinsed. But it doesn’t end here! The same owner then uses a soft towel to gently wipe them dry and only then does he slowly let go.

Cats with a lovely scent of cleanliness don’t ever forget what their owner, who bathes them periodically, has done to them. What’s more, I’ve heard that some owners rub silk onto their pet’s fur and comb them down. Poor animals. Anyways, see for yourself! This is how animals look before and after a bath!

“Oh man, you’ll pay for this!”


“I am the ruler of the world! My slave will pay dearly for this!”