Are dogs stubborn? It turns out that they are. Let the proof be a recording that entertained nearly 10 million internet users

Dogs generally love walking, running to go fetch a stick and bantering without a leash. Sometimes, however, there are times when the four-legged creatures would rather lie down and just do nothing. This was a problem which affected the owner of a golden retriever, who told his owner that the park is a perfect place for him and that he won’t move anywhere else.

Not all dogs are obedient, but sometimes, just like people, they have a bad mood or day and are just not willing to follow commands. The owner should then remain calm and show the animal that he/she can’t force their will on their owner and whole family. Sometimes it’s very difficult, especially when the dog is very charming in his stubbornness.


A pet that decided to rebel, was video recorded in the city park. His owner is trying to encourage him to walk with him towards the house, but the dog only rolls over lazily in the grass. The owner looks really funny when he tries to pick the dog up. Only after waving a stick around, which could have possibly been thrown for the dog to grab, does the dog graciously stand up and walk towards the owner.

Encounters with lazy dogs have us laughing to tears.