Are you ashamed of your family photos from the past? Take a look at these photos and you’ll admit that others have more to worry about

Family ties aren’t a guarantee of good relations and mutual honesty, which is why it’s said that you look best with family in a picture and even better off to the side, where you can cut yourself out. Unfortunately, experience shows that you come out bad with the people closest to you in life as well as in photos.

Family – such an important part of our lives is a not so grateful subject of photography. How does taking a family portrait work? Usually someone close to us doesn’t like to pose for photos and runs away, someone else complains about everything, children go crazy and some people get mad and disappear altogether or don’t listen to the photographer’s instructions. The result is a picture that is a sad parody of the outcome some had hoped for.


The presence of digital cameras everywhere tends to make us take tens or even hundreds of pictures during one meeting or trip, which increases the odds of taking a good photo. Some time ago, cameras relied on photographic film and every snapshot was very valuable, so a given situation was captured only once, and developing those photos took a very long time. Photo shoots with a photographer were also popular, especially for the whole family, including the children.

Which family photos are worse: those with an artificial setting, where everyone has an unnatural look on their face or totally disorganized, where chaos is present throughout?

Although taking photos today is much easier, family photos which make others feel sympathy and laugh still exist. Here are the most current and memorable examples of family photos turning out worse than a nightmare.

I think we all know who the ugly duckling in this sports family is.

In this picture, there’s something terrifying…

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