Are you fans of big dogs? Meet Hulk, the biggest pitbull on earth!

The popular saying says the more the merrier. The owners of Hulk, the largest pitbull on earth, also think so.

This breed doesn’t enjoy having a very positive opinion. In the media we frequently here of their aggressive behavior. It’s hard to even imagine how much of a danger could be a dog the size of a small horse.


Fortunately, Hulk isn’t interested in mailmen. Marlon and Lisa Grannon conduct an interesting schooling institution. Dark Dynesty K9 train guard and police dogs. It’s hard to imagine a better candidate for correctly training a colossus weighing over 80 kg.


Hulk us only 17 months old and is still growing. However, he is already the biggest representative of his breed in the whole world. His owners can’t keep away those wishing to buy this amazing animal. The highest bid offered was for over half a million dollars.



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