Are you looking for the meaning of life? Listen to the advice of an old man, who reminds us that life is circular

Life is the most precious gift, which is given only once. You can’t turn back time, change the past or experience something again, because every day is very important. A Croatian old man recalls that who looks from the perspective of his life, and draws very accurate conclusions.

In Africa there’s a proverb: “When an old man dies, it is as if a whole library burned down.” I don’t think there’s any other sentence that better conveys the tremendous value elderly people. Only someone who has survived several decades is capable of noticing some things or understanding them. Unfortunately, the modern world is still racing after something, and seniors aren’t a part of the rat race anymore, they’re overlooked and unappreciated. So let’s stop for a moment and listen to what can be said by the generation of our grandparents and great-grandparents about life. This time, an aging Croat spoke, who decided to give young people some advice about the essentials of life.

True wisdom comes with age.


1. Life isn’t only happiness.

The old man reminds the youth not to expect only pleasures in life. Grief is also needed in life, because without it we wouldn’t enjoy happiness. Difficult moments are like storms, if they manage to survive, then in the sky the sun will shine and a rainbow will appear.


2. Life is a gift, for which we should be thankful.

The relationship between parents and children have had a big transformation in recent decades. As noted by the Croat, one time children respected their parents, they were more obedient and above all grateful for the gift of life and the care given to them. In the current times, the man often sees youth with a demanding attitude, and therefore he advises to never forget the work which parents did in raising their children.


3. Life is limited in time.

Caught up by daily affairs, we forget about our mortality. Our lives can be lost at any time and there’s nothing we can do to change it, so the most important things shouldn’t be delayed. The most important thing in life is the relationship with our loved ones, so the old man reminds us not to forget to spend time with those we love, especially with older people, who always eagerly wait for visits from their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren.