Are you looking for the meaning of life? Listen to the advice of an old man, who reminds us that life is circular

4. Life changes.

In life, we never get anything once and for all. We can always lose what we have already got, or elapsing time will take it away from us. Today we’re young and strong, but tomorrow we’ll be old and weak. You’ve got to accept the instability of life and aging.


5. Life goes round and round.

The senior also recalls that life has been running with its own rhythm for thousands of years, and some things don’t change. He remembers the days when he was young and still discovering the world, and his relationship with his parents was putt off. Today, his children are curious, and he waits for them to visit, as his parents once waited for him. All people go through the same stages of life and experience similar ills, before they gain any wisdom from life. Everyone’s fate is inscribed in one big circle of life, because we all follow the same path.