Are Your Nerves Made Of Steel Or Titanium? We Have Great Adventure For You!

These are not the ways for people with weak heart. Entering them, you may never come back. Although they are so dangerous, all the time someone tries to face them.

See these path and check if you could try…

1. Huangshan Path, China

Huangshan is a mountain range in Anhui, the southern province of China. There are 30 tracks, which are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. If you dare to enter them, you will see great unique rock formations and trees.


2. Capri, Italy

This path on the Italian island begins at a height of 400 meters. It was carved on the southern part of the island in 1902. Now, after 30 years break, it was restored and returned to service.


3.Tianmen Mountain, China

The Tianmen Mountain is a mountain in Zhangjiajie, in the north-western part of the province of Hunan. Güigüe Tianmenshan Cliff Path is built on a cliff at the top of the mountain, it party has a glass floor. The path is one of the largest observation platforms in the world.