Are your shoes too tight? No problem! With this trick, you’ll be ready to go out in a few minutes!

We usually figure after buying new shoes that they are uncomfortable and painfully chafe our feet. Many people settle with just “walking them in”, but it’s a laborious and painstaking process.

There are also other ways to stretch uncomfortable shoes. The most popular way is to push inside them wet newspaper and to soften them up by using steam.

But we know a much better way. It’s rather quick and hassle free. All you need is to pour water into two zipper bags and put them inside the shoes. Then put the shoes in a freezer and wait until the water slowly changes it state of matter. After 10 minutes, check if they are stretched enough, if not, then put them back for another 10 minutes. Keep doing it like that until you reach the desired size.


The video shows how to do this step by step. See how easy it is!

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