Ariana Grande could successfully replace half of the top vocalists. See how brilliantly she imitates their voices

Every singer’s greatest treasure is a unique voice that has something so special about it that it attracts crowds. Although tone of voice is generally an innate characteristic, practice can lead to its development.

Professional singers practice their voices, which are their tool and way of making a living as well as their most precious good, on a daily basis. Losing their voice would mean the end of their career. Although we commonly believe some voices to be unique and impossible to reproduce, that isn’t true, because every voice can be duplicated, or at least imitated in a very real way.


Ariana Grande, a 23-year-old singer and actress from Florida, has an extraordinary talent for singing, using other people’s voices. The vocalist doesn’t have to look for publicity by pretending to be someone else, because she has already released several musical hits (such as Break Free, Dangerous Woman, Problem) and has her own loyal fans, but having fun with music simply makes her happy, so she decided to experiment by imitating others.

Ariana Grande has, among other things, composed the song “All My Love” used in the soundtrack of “The Hunger Games.”

On the entertainment TV show Saturday Night Live, she decided to present her vocalist friend’s accomplishments in an amusing way and sang using their voices. Ariana showed two things during her humor-filled performance: that everyone can be imitated as well as that she has an incredible talent, and her vocal chords have a limitless quantity of tones.

Ariana sang fragments of hits by Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Shakira, Rihanna and Whitney Houston.