Art can be the most meaningful representation of reality and is worth more than a thousand words

The fact that our modern world is moving towards an incomprehensible and what’s worse, dangerous path, can be seen more and more clearly. The fact that humanity has become lost and is bound to collapse is what Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski reminds us of.

The illustrator is known for creating satirical and very meaningful drawings of life in contemporary societies. In a very suggestive and easy to understand by all manner, he shows that people have become lost in their ways, they’ve lost their moral values and have become too addicted to technological advances, forgetting how much joy the presence of another human being and life in a society can bring.


Pawel Kuczynski has a unique artistic style, which immediately allows us to distinguish his work from the crowd of other paintings. As a result, it attracts the audience’s attention and forces them to reflect on their own lives and societies in which they function. Below and on the following four sub-pages, we present several of the Pole’s drawings, which are an apt representation of the reality surrounding us at this point in time.

1. Pokémon

What’s there to say, we ourselves allow our lives to be dependent on electronic entertainment.

pawel kuczynski (37)

2. Tabloid newspapers

Unfortunately, the level of many newspapers is very low, and their content differs little from what is found in sewers.

pawel kuczynski (31)