As research shows, the best medicine for any health problem is… LOVE!

Everyone knows that love lifts people from the ground and affects the senses of joy and happiness. Love has many advantages and is able to cure people of many health issues. Interestingly, recent research shows that love can do many things and affect us not only mentally, but also physically!

Do you want to find out why falling in love is worth it? Read the article below!


1. Love brings pain relief

We all know that a hug and some comforting can help. 10-20 seconds of hugging a loved one can help treat headaches. When hugging, oxytocin, which is responsible for sensing peace, closeness and improving self-esteem, is produced. What’s more, the sight of a loved one increases pain tolerance by up to 40%.


2. Love takes care of the heart

Studies show that love lowers blood pressure. This is particularly important in stressful situations, as it reduces the risk of heart attack and heart disease.


3. It helps in the fight against diseases

Endorphins increase our resistance to viruses. And love allows for a quick recovery and return to good health. The person loved and person loving both have a reason to quickly recover.


4. Love cures insomnia

Love hormones effectively block stress hormones, thus allowing lovers to rest better. It has been proven that sleep affects the speed of recovery, and sleeping next to a loved one, is calming and healing.

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