At the funeral of a young child, a balloon breaks away from the ceiling and flies toward the distraught mother. It’s impossible to express what happens next

The death of one’s own child is the worst moment for any parent. Most likely none of us can imagine living longer than our children, but life has its challenges, and there are often cases in which children leave this world too soon.

Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares recently went through a real tragedy. She had to bury her young son. This was a considerable blow for her. However, something happened at the funeral, something which no one is able to explain.

The coffin with the body was laid out in the chapel. During the wake, one of the balloons near the ceiling broke away and flew in the direction of the mother. It stopped in front of her and began to circle around her head. The woman burst into tears and hugged the balloon as if it was the last hug she was giving her child.

The video quickly spread on the internet, where it was watched by thousands of people. Some of them argue that a flying balloon is the symbol of the son’s farewell and journey to the afterlife. Either way, it’s a very emotional recording that shows us how short and passing our life is.