At The Sight Of This Converted School Bus Scooby-Doo Would Be Very Envy!

Many of you do not believe that you can design a house for $ 5,000. The student of architecture not only designed such a house but also put it on a road. This is how the bus presents!

He has a house on wheels now. It sounds strange but is possible. Hank explained on his website how he managed to do that… Firstly, you have to buy a school bus and then transform it into a living space. Hank designed the bus so that he and his friends can travel around the country.

After 15 weeks of hard job, the bus was ready for adventures. The construction of the living space is small but functional. The space of the bus was used completely.

Watch the photos of the bus below or see the website:, and find out more details about Henk’s travel.


The kitchen work-surface and a sink.


The interior of the bus.