Do you know what men find attractive in women? It’s something completely different than what you might think!

Women lose confidence easily, especially when they’re interested in a man. They only notice their own minor imperfections and treat them as dramatic problems. But very few women know that men don’t notice these small flaws! When a man chooses his partner, she’s already beautiful, no questions asked!

Have you ever wondered what are the most important traits for men, what they consider to be attractive? Surely more than once, comparing yourself to others and coming to the conclusion that they’re all prettier. The problem is not how others see you, but how you see yourself. Take a look at what men pay attention to and simply start loving yourself!


1. A man won’t notice your attractiveness if you don’t notice it yourself.

If you won’t accept and love yourself, men won’t pay attention to you. Guys don’t like it when a woman responds to a compliment with a list of negative things about herself.

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2. Men read body language very well.

That’s why a closed attitude quickly deters them. Confidence and a smile is what works on every man. However, without exaggeration – don’t be cheeky.

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