This bear photo of a smoky landfill expresses more than a thousand words. When will humanity finally understand that it will turn the planet into ruin?

People have a natural tendency to make mistakes, and repentance is bad and sometimes it comes too late …

Technological development of the world accelerated considerably in the nineteenth century, which was the cause of the industrial revolution. Since then, careers have begun to create the thinking: faster, more, cheaper. Unfortunately, the consequences of such a policy are destructive for Mother Earth.

The world slowly begins to sink in trash. Statistically one man produces about half a ton of different packaging in a year! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of them are recycled, while the rest is disposed of or put in landfills that destroy local ecosystems.

Large sparsely populated regions, such as in frosty Canada where many small towns are hundreds of kilometers away from the larger agglomerations, are a major problem. This makes it much more difficult to recycle or recycle waste and create massive landfills that grow faster each year, just like the consumer lifestyle of Canadians.

Troy Moth is a Vancouver photographer. He recently traveled to Ontario to document the lives of local communities and was taken on a day trip to the surrounding area. Then he landed on a smoky rubbish dump, around which were sad and wasted away bears. They were sluggish, slow, and lacked the extraordinary strength of this species.

The sight was so depressing to Troy that he could not even take out his camera. It was only when he calmed down his emotions that night that he decided that he owed it to nature and had to document what he saw. He returned to the dump the next day ….

The bear was 20 feet away from me. He stood up very slowly, was shocked, stumbled and went straight to a smoking hole in which the rubbish burned from the ignition. He came to her calmly and did not show up anymore. I wanted to perceive how to enter the bottom of death, but I could not. I only took a picture of him sitting and suffering.

Troy’s testimony has already touched many, but will it lead people to change the behavior of the environment? Let’s hope so ….