Beautiful pictures which turned out to be family catastrophes. Children’s sweet photos – expectations vs reality!

The Web is full of beautiful and sweet photos of laughing babies. They look at you with their big eyes and make sweet faces. When we see them we start smiling straight away and when we become parents ourselves we dream of such pictures which we could show to our friends. We have to remember though that ideal photos are all taken by professionals.

You really need quite a lot of photographic abilities to be able to capture the most unique moments. Baby photo sessions don’t usually finish after a couple of shots and quite often in order to take the perfect shot, dozens of attempts are needed.


Many parents try saving money and decide to experiment with their cameras at home. The effects aren’t always satisfactory and sometimes instead of a beautiful picture we get quite a frightening scene.

Have a look at some pictures which went completely wrong.

1. A kiss from mum and dad


2. A bunny with a carrot


3. Surprise shot from under a blanket