Before the start of the school year, a mother gave a middle school girl a powerful lesson using only toothpaste. It’s inspiring…

A mom from Cleveland, Tennessee – Amy Beth Gardner, before the first day of school, gave her daughter Breonna an important life lesson which she’ll hopefully remember for the rest of her life. Before sending her child to middle school, she behaved like most parents do. She bought the schoolgirl all the necessary school supplies, a uniform and a new backpack. Breonna had everything she needed.

The night before the start of the school year, Amy wanted to make sure that her daughter is actually ready to join the middle school community. She handed her a tube of toothpaste and told her to squeeze it onto a plate. When she did, her mother told her to put all of it back inside the tube.


The girl began to shout that it’s impossible and that the toothpaste won’t be the same again. Her words didn’t make Amy angry and she quietly waited for her while she struggled with the task. She later said:

Remember this plate with toothpaste on it for the rest of your life. As soon as you pass through the doors of your new school, you’ll see how much those words which you said are worth. You’ll be able to use them to hurt, humiliate and bully others.


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