Beware of baby changing stations in public toilets! These stupid jokes can injure your child

Convenient applications for mothers in public areas are still evolving. Stroller ramps, special parking zones or areas where you can change or feed a baby, have become standard in large European cities. Unfortunately, not all citizens understand such support offered to mothers and are trying to harm them and their children.

This story took place in the UK, in the city of Oxfordshire. Hayley Turner, a resident of the city, had to use a restroom with a changing station for mothers, where she could change her child. As soon as she put Samuel on the changing table, he started to move abruptly, scream and cry. The mother thought it had to be because the child was tired and cold, but the reason for his cries was unfortunately different.


Samuel was unlucky because he was put on one of the tables which some stupid and cruel jokers “equipped” with thumbtacks. Unfortunately, these dug quite a bit into his back, making the child cry fiercely. The mother, unaware of anything, continued on with changing him, thinking that the room is surely friendly for children and mothers, and that the management cares about the condition of the equipment. Unfortunately, it was not so, and it was the child who paid for the negligence.

Samuel’s mother couldn’t believe that someone could plant thumbtacks on a children’s changing station.

Samuel’s mother did not want this to be the ending to the situation, so she began informing other mothers through social media that they should watch out for children’s changing tables in public places. Many different people have access to these rooms, including those with bad intentions, so you must be careful and check all the equipment before using it.

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot danger when in a hurry, so mothers should double their level of carefulness.

It’s also worth noting that the wound, a result of a tack piercing the skin, could result in serious infection, which is why Samuel was lucky that his experience ended only with fear, tears and redness on his back.

It’s a relief that the tacks hadn’t dug into e.g. the spine, which could have ended tragically.