These illustrations tell the whole bitter truth about our world. Time to take off the pink glasses, because without remembrance, a sad future awaits us

To err is human, to persist in it, is diabolical” – Seneca.

The world has never been perfect and has always struggled with various negative phenomena. Unfortunately, some of them may have catastrophic consequences, and with an absence of their resolution, systematically pushes mankind to extinction. Will repentance come in time?


We can talk endlessly about what our world is like in the 21st century, but who wants to hear about it? Unfortunately, people often turn away from problems, recognizing that they either do not affect them or have no effect on their solutions and remain passive, and that is a mistake.

Everyone can change the world, it just starts from each other. So in order to encourage everyone to come to terms with their lives, we present a series of illustrations showing the most pressing problems of our world. Find out how much of your life is involved and start working to ensure a better future for yourself and for all of mankind.


Unfavorable remuneration for work

Usually those who work hardest receive the smallest remuneration. An example is agriculture, where a host’s wage, which is hard to cultivate, is a small percentage of the price the consumer buys a fruit or vegetable from the store. The rest of the money forming the price of the product fills the pockets of intermediaries and owners of hypermarkets. It’s no different in the clothing industry: Asian workers sew clothes for a few dollars a month (!), and corporations sell them for thousands.

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