Blacklist of teas exceeding permissible levels of pesticides. When shopping, you’ll be better off not putting them in your cart

Tea – a beverage which is supposed to be healthy and free of any harmful substances may turn out being contaminated with pesticides. It has been found that a lot of teas available on the market contain substances that absolutely shouldn’t be in them.

An experiment put together by CBC News, examining the levels of pesticides in popular teas, proved that fact. The methodology used, is also one which the Food Inspection Agency uses. Take a look at the surprising results!


It turned out that most of the tested brands had higher levels of pesticides than what the norm allows!


Two types were tested: Lipton Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label. Both contained substances harmful to our health and with elevated levels of bifenthrin, acetamiprid and dicofol. 7 pesticides were detected in both Lipton Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label.


Tetley Pure Green Tea

Tetley tea came out even worse, because it contained up to 18 different pesticides!


Twinings Earl Grey

The experiment found that it contains 10 improper substances including acetamiprid and bifenthrin.

On the next page you’ll find a table with the results and find which teas came out best and which came out worst in the experiment!