In the center of London, a bloody naked body lay bare for several hours. The reason why nobody had done anything to help them is supported by millions of people

Not everything at first glance seems like it is in reality.

Access to various media outlets makes it so that modern people see almost everything and it is increasingly difficult to surprise them with something, even more to shake them and force them to reflect. To do so, you have to reach for really extreme measures, and these also turn out to be non-quirky.


Recently, the naked and bloody bodies of three women appeared in Trafalgar Square. Ladies were on cardboard and covered with translucent foil. From afar, they looked like victims of a massacre, but after approaching closer, one could see that there was a sticker on the foil. Its content explained everything.

This sticker reminded one of what was on a meat package in the store, but its inscription was unheard of: human meat!


The author of this shocking and courageous happening is a group of vegetarians, whose goal was to force people to think about killing animals. In their action they wanted to convince that all living organisms should be treated with equal respect, and eating animal meat was no different from eating human meat, because humans and animals feel.

Some support such actions, and others call them foolish and are convinced that since people have eaten meat for ages, they will certainly not give up on it in the future, and they also offer the advice to organizers of such happenings that instead of fighting meat lovers, they should focus on fighting for improved animal breeding conditions.

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