These stray dogs are blue after drinking water from this river! It’s not a joke, but a real danger

There are countries in the world that care so much about the environment, but there are also those that are not worried about ubiquitous pollution.

The first are high-developed countries, which pursue ecological policy and care for clean air, water and soil. Countries such as India, China, Iran, Bangladesh and Pakistan do not care about contaminated air or soil. Thousands of citizens every year die from diseases caused by toxic compounds.

Lots of people are hospitalized due to lung problems, bronchitis or long-term diarrhea caused by ingestion of heavily contaminated water. The development of industry, automotive and agriculture has led to enormous pollution of the environment and thus the shortening of the length of human life. The authorities of each country should address this serious problem as soon as possible, as the level of pollution in the world is rapidly increasing and the health of citizens is getting worse.

In the streets of Mumbai began to appear dogs with unusual hair. Their fur is blue and they look as though someone has poured dye on them. It turned out that nobody dyed them intentionally. The quadrupeds are themselves guilty because they drank water from a very polluted reservoir. Water in the Kasadi River is unfit for consumption and people avoid it by a wide bow, but stray animals often come to the shore to drink.

What happens after ingestion of such water? About this on the next page.