Boy poses to a photograph with a lion. Suddenly the animal’s head falls… What is the reason? You will not believe it!

Thousands of tourists travel every year to an exotic holiday. They want to experience some adventure and feel the thrill of meeting dangerous animals. A picture of a wild creature is the culmination of several days of travel full of excitement and joy.

After all, who would not want to show off on Facebook a photograph of a lion or a tiger? Just imagine, how many friends would like it! The desire to impress others makes people opt for such photos. It is a pity that they do not realize (or do not want to know) what happens to the animals before being exposed to public view.


In Indonesia, a fairly common practice is to stuff lions with drugs or hypnotics. As a result, they do not make trouble and sit quietly. Smiling tourists can touch a dangerous cat and take photograph in a cool pose. Usually nobody wonders, why the animal is so polite. Many people think that it is the result of many months of taming, but the truth is more frightening…

Just look at this lion! It is almost unconscious, even though the owner tilts his head and sets it to the photo!

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