You’ve never seen this type of magical art in a talent show before! The camera closely follows the magician’s hands, but you can’t catch anything!

Magic exists in the world, whether we like it or not.

Talent shows programs present lots of weird individuals, showing off their quirky skills, from playing the tambourine, to drinking up to a few liters of fluid and making themselves into a fountain. One has to admit that the human imagination has no boundaries.

Special attention is always drawn to different types of magicians, because people are curious as to how they execute their tricks. Rational thinking suggests that there is no such thing as magic, so tricks must be based on some secret mechanism.

Many famous tricks, like levitating or cutting yourself in half with a saw, have been revealed and clarified, but magicians are not idle and are constantly inventing new tricks that will surprise their audience.

In “America’s Got Talent” appeared Will Tsai. This charming 31-year-old is a magician and he decided to present his skills on television. To follow his movements, they even brought out a special camera and placed it on the man’s hands.

What happened on stage next is pure magic! You just have to see it. Or maybe some of you will be able to see what the trick is … We didn’t catch it.