Campbell was adopted by a homosexual couple, but he never forgot about his mother, to whom he dedicated his performance in “Got Talent”

Not every child is lucky enough to be born into a loving family, which can afford its upbringing. Unfortunately, many kids are abandoned or put up for adoption, which does not mean that they have no chance for a happy home.

Campbell Walker Fields was born 14 years ago in the United States. His mother already had three children whom she was barely able to support and raise. Having another child was too much for this woman so she decided to give her son up for adoption. Campbell was very lucky and he quickly found a new home with a homosexual couple who did everything possible to make him feel loved, important and not to feel resentment towards his mother for the decision she had to take.


The boy’s childhood was not the easiest one. Him having no mother and two fathers was a frequent topic of discussion for his peers at school, who bluntly inquired about his family. Some even teased him and persecuted him, but Campbell knew that he was loved by his fathers very much, and for him, his family situation was quite normal.

The family does not have to be typical to be happy.

Although the boy was happy and felt loved, he never stopped thinking about his mother and missing her. He dreamed of meeting her and often imagined how she might look like, and what he would tell her after all these years of separation. In order to show the woman that she is still present in his heart, he decided to dedicate his performance in “Got Talent” to her. It was an opportunity for him to express his feelings.

The performance on TV was a way to contact the mother he had never seen.

You can find the film of Campbell’s performance on the second page of the article.